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Wuxi Jinying Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd
ADD: Room 1706 of Modern international industrial design building NO.801 Hongqiao Road ,Binhu District ,Wuxi city ,Jiangsu Province ,China
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Enterprise culture
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Jinying inherits the tradition belief "courageous warrior, obey orders, listen to instructions, to be the first" , creating unique enterprise culture "hard work, strict discipline, strong execution". Jinying demonstrates the strong vitality with indomitable spirit and  ard tenacious style in the fierce market competition.In the long-term practice, Jinying corporate culture is developing.
Enterprise mission: expand valuable space.

Enterprise vision: Jinying build first-class high-end sheet, complete sets of numerical control processing equipment, to be the professional experts of the industry .
Core values: focus, integrity, thick germany, dedication
Enterprise spirit : innovation, beyond, integrity and harmony
Innovation is the source of development.

Innovation is the power of enterprise to sustainable development and achieve excellence. We should improve the original innovation, integrated innovation and the introduction of digestion, absorption and innovation ability with open and confident attitude, pay more attention to the collaborative innovation. To encourage the exploration of uncharted territory, understanding the twists and turns, stand the loss of market competition, Jinying will take a faster speed and higher quality to a wide area.
Innovation is the power for Jinying¡¯s development :
1, Social development keep fast. Innovation is the soul of enterprise, innovation is the only thing to keep the enterprise vitality, Jinying will stick innovation and R&D, to keep their leading position.
2,Innovation could meet our need to insight and grasp industry trends.Jinying will build a powerful technical strength to meet customers demand.
3, Innovation is the driving source for Jinying.,the key point to deal with all kinds of crisis, promote transformation and upgrade.Jinying will keep the way of independent innovation based on science and technology
Innovation is the power of Jinying
 1, Innovation emphasis on Jinying take the initiative to cope with the challenges of internal and external environment change.Basis of inheriting tradition, Jinying should break the old thinking and pattern, the out-technology, continue to promote the management innovation, system innovation and technological innovation.
2 Jinying staff should be good at learning, willing to accept new ideas, explore new ideas and methods, promoting the development .
Beyond: pursuit of Jinying
1, Not only ambitious, clear goal, superego, wing for the first is Jinying;s target, but also the spiritual motivation to win competitive advantage.
2, Beyond shows Jinying¡¯s wisdom,boldness of vision, explore and courage, perseverance, and pursue. Beyond will break all ideas of hamper innovation and restricting the development ,stick to the peak of science and technology .
3, Beyond is high standard, strict, never be filled with the status, striving to a higher goal . Beyond Is the soul of Jinying progress and development. Beyond is the pursuit of high-end, perfection.

Honesty: the traditional virtue 
Jinying persists to take honestly as this, letter, depending on the good faith for the enterprise based on this! Jinying always regard faith as key point, establishing the idea of good faith, and trust worthiness to customers as our promise.

Harmony: co-prosperity way
We listen to internal and external advice, sharing knowledge and ideas  initiatively.Jinying build a harmonious industrial environment through extensive cooperation, . Encourage the industry and stakeholders together to create and share value.We adhere to the people-centered concept to give employees better work environment and happy life.Jinying actively push forward the construction of the socialist value system, guiding employees to set up the correct values, to foster self-esteem, self-confidence, calm, positive, rational staff. Jinying realizes the overall harmony of enterprise, employeesand customers by clearing employee career growth channel, promoting enterprise democratic management, paying more attention to the humanistic care and internal fairness and justice.

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