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Study on the state of high speed tapping technology-金伯利起重設備
Study on the state of high speed tapping technology

With the advent of the machining center, especially the rapid development of high speed cutting technology, tapping into the short term in the production of more. In order to solve this problem, several tool manufacturing company invested a lot ofmanpower and material resources, research on all aspects of the influence of high speed tapping, at present mainly from the development of high-speed tap,tap tap chuck and floating automatically exit the research dynamic first several aspects, and made great achievements.

High speed screw tap

By USA Emuge company newly developed high-speed tap series. The main improvement from the following aspects:

Made of high speed steel material with high cobalt content;

Design of cutting part of tap into to cutting and chip breaking S geometry, greatly improves the cutting performance of tap;

The coating process and coating material select advanced ideal use, in order to improve the cutting tool hardness, red hardness and service life;

The chip groove design into a large helix angle structure, in order to facilitate thechip;

Try to design the inner oil through structure, in order to reduce the high speed tapping screw tap cutting part, the generation of high cutting temperature.

Due to the new design tap has the above advantages, it can make the cutting temperature of tapping of decline, the cutting speed is greatly improved. At present the company's high-speed tap series include: Enorm-S-TiN, RekordAero-S-TiN, Rebust-S TiN, Rekord 2A-A-1KZ TiCN and Rekord A-S-TiCN.According to the American Midwest auto parts manufacturing company by Rekord2A-A-1KZ TiCN high speed tap, show that in the practice of blind hole thread processing M14X1.5-6H malleable cast iron HB200-400, it can make the tappingin the cutting speed under the condition of V=61m/min, increased more than 3 times than the original processing. Pieces of steel processing can make thecutting speed is improved more than 6 times.

Floating tap chuck

Experimental study on high speed tapping conducted jointly by Emuge and Kassel of Germany University showed, the intrinsic pitch feed and tap tapping thechoice itself is not synchronous between the existence of errors, is tapping efficiency did not go up high and in high speed tapping in the main reason notquality assurance. Due to the accumulation of error between the two forms, will be in the tapping process produces, finale to pull additional force, especially thetap out from the hole, in a large axial force, so that the thread surface serious scratch. The high speed tapping parts quality assurance not. Therefore by the Emuge company developed the tapping of axial tension and pressure generatedby the tap deformation, the automatic compensation of floating tap chuck.Allegedly, floating chuck tap new design of deformation on 0.5mm within thecompensation. Satisfactorily solve the technological problem. The tappingmachining can be carried out at high speed. The tap automatically exit the power head past in the return process in the tapping, are needed to slow to a stop,reverse and accelerate the return of several motion of machine tool spindle,which not only increases the auxiliary time, also cause mechanical wear of machine parts. This is one of the main reasons causing the tapping efficiency ofextraction is not high. American Tapmatic company to improve the tappingefficiency, several years ago on the design in tapping is completed, without changing the power head tap automatically exit the speed and direction of the spindle under the condition of. The power head adopts the clutch principle, by a sphere is automatically switched on the positive and negative direction rotation of the gear transmission mechanism. Without the machine tool spindle transmission,can be made by the power head drives the tap automatically return. Save theauxiliary time, reduce the cost of production. At present, the company has been able to provide users with lathe, milling machine, drilling machine and machining center with two taps, keep parallel or vertical direction drive automatically exit thepower head and the main shaft is an essential tool for high speed tapping. Of course, the tap automatically exit between the power head and the tap also need to use the new quick change chuck. At present the E-Lock quick change chuck tap has been pushed to the market.

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