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Industry dynamic
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Huaihai Industrial Development Group Co., Ltd.-金伯利起重設備
Huaihai Industrial Development Group Co., Ltd.

Anhui Huaihai Industrial Development Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Huaihai industrial group) was in 2007 December the establishment of the provincial state-owned large enterprise groups. Group is located in Anhui Province, Huaibei City, now has the star company, mechanical and electrical equipment company, Xiangshan cement company, king business tourismcompany, steel company, Real Estate Company, LIAN Linxing plate industrycompany, Anhui coal economy Technology Development Company such as 10 subsidiaries, registered capital of 610000000 yuan, assets of 7000000000 yuan,annual sales income of 10000000000 yuan, profits and taxes more than 1000000000 yuan. Machinery manufacturing, building construction, real estate is the group of three leading industries. The main products are coal mining machine, boring machine, scraper conveyor, belt conveyor, hydraulic support,steel wire rope, car, mobile transformer station, winch, harrow waste machine,industrial and mining fittings, underground support such as mining machinery products; cement, high density board, gangue brick and other building materials products. Among them, "Qing Yu" brand hydraulic support, "Xiangshan" brand cement, "as" brand steel wire rope, "Huai" brand car, "Wan like" brand clothingare brand-name products in Anhui province.

With a new round of economic development tide, Huaihai industrial group activelyseize the opportunities for development, establish a scientific development strategy, the establishment of the "11235" overall strategic developmentobjectives, namely,, to "925" end,a total investment of 10000000000 yuan; the total assets reached 10000000000 yuan; sales revenue 2 times increase over 2010, exceeded 15000000000 yuan; do strong machinery manufacturing,building construction, real estate business section three; average annual per capita income of workers and strive to reach 50000 yuan; the group becamestrong domestic competition ability in the coal machine industry, building materials in the construction and real estate field with the regional competitive advantage and high reputation of the group of large diversified industry.

Anhui Huaihai Industrial Development Group Co., Ltd FSDHE5000 CNC high speed drilling machine


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