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Wuxi Jinying Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd
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Construction Steel Structure Co., Ltd Tianjin-金伯利起重設備
Construction Steel Structure Co., Ltd Tianjin

Construction Steel Structure Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "theconstruction steel structure") is the largest professional group Chinese steel structure enterprises, belonging to the world 100 strong -- Chinese construction Limited by Share Ltd. The company implements the R & D, design, manufacture,installation, testing business development is one of the five, steel structure manufacturing class, steel structure engineering design special qualification,steel structure engineering contractor Yiji, passed the ISO9001, ISO14001,OHSAS18001 "three in one" certification.

Construction steel structure to build "high, big, new, sharp, especially heavyengineering," known to the world, and the creation of the domestic steel structure construction history "the earliest", "top", "the greatest", the "fastest" performance.In 1985 the construction of the building, Shenzhen development center is the first high-rise steel structure building, Shanghai world financial center is the tallest building in China have been completed, at present, the new CCTV building is the world's largest steel structure building and Chinese largest monomer steelstructure building, 2008 in Guangzhou international financial center (West tower)in the construction the creation of a "new record in high-rise building constructiontwo days a" world.

Construction steel structure business area in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Bohai Bay ring, central China, southwest area as the focus, and coverage of the Middle East, Hong Kong and Macao regions. The construction of a large number of large size, high difficulty, tight schedule landmarks, formed in Shenzhen imperial estate building, Shanghai world financial center, as the representative of the series to commercial building, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, WuHan Railway Station as the representative of the airport station series, to the main stadium of Beijing Olympic Sports center in Shenzhen,the twenty-sixth World University the Summer Olympics main stadium as the representative of the series in Shenzhen stadium, exhibition center, Guangzhou Baiyun Conference Center as the representative of the Convention and Exhibition Center series, takes the Shenzhen cultural center China Film Museum,as the representative of the cultural facilities series, in Henan radio and televisiontower, tower Macao as the representative of the tower mast construction series,series of industrial workshop Guangzhou aircraft repair base, Shenzhen IBM building as the representative of the Luqiao project, Yangtze River Bridge Bay,Chongqing Jiangjin series with the powder room Wu Xian highway bridge as the representative of the. In addition, also built in Hongkong World Trade Plaza,Grand Lisboa Hotel Macao, Dubai Metro is the representative of the overseas engineering. Company in Jiangsu, Guangdong, Hubei, Chongqing and other places to invest and set up the steel structure manufacturing base, which JiangsuJingjiang base with the level of international advanced technology and equipment, is a steel structure of the largest production base of.

Construction steel structure in super high rise steel structure, large span steel structure, complex space steel structure, high-rise tower steel structure and other fields has unique, leading technology advantage. The company has 5 national scientific and technological progress awards, the Chinese science and technology award 5, 7 Zhan Tianyou awards, 84 national patents, 9 Nationalengineering. 38 construction technology by the authority identifying leading up to international or international advanced level. The company also has edited 14 national standards and industry standards. The company a total construction engineering Luban prize (National Quality Engineering Award) 16, gold medalChina Construction steel structure 61, the national excellent welding engineeringaward 65.

Construction steel structure has a high social reputation. Won the "national five one labor certificate", "national construction industry excellent constructionenterprise", "national customer satisfaction construction enterprise", "national quality safety management advanced unit", "national scientific and technological progress and technological innovation of advanced enterprise", "national model home of workers", "national top 100 enterprise culture construction unit","Guangdong provincial civilized unit" and the honorary title.

Facing the new situation, China Construction steel structure is in accordance with the thinking of development of "industry integration, product diversification,international business", to create the most competitive steel structure industrygroup's global corporate vision and make unremitting efforts.

Construction Steel Structure Co. Ltd. of Tianjin Shuanglong door 30 meters longCNC high speed drilling machine



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