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Circular of the State Energy Bureau "on clarifying the devolution of power business license issued by the duties and other matters"-金伯利起重設備
Circular of the State Energy Bureau "on clarifying the devolution of power business license issued by the duties and other matters"

According to the "Office of the State Council on the issuance of the national energy administration main functions of internal regulations of the organization and the staff notice" (Guo Ban Fa (2013) No. 51), "the central office of the national energy administration agencies provided notice" (central office sends(2013) No. 130) the relevant provisions, the electric power business license(including power generation, transmission, power supply class class class, the same below) issued by the National Energy Bureau dispatched institutions duties delegated. We hereby notify the relevant issues as follows:

A, electric power business license issued by the principle of localization delegatedresponsibilities of the National Energy Administration agencies.

(a) original SERC electricity business license has clear discharge monitoringagencies shall be responsible for the issuance of responsibilities will be, by the National Energy Bureau dispatched institutions bear.

(two) the original SERC trans regional and corporate institutions directlyresponsible in Beijing power plant and belongs to the non legal person in the other provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government) of electric power business licenses of central enterprises (power type) issued by territorial decentralization of responsibilities (in principle by the unit where the National Energy Bureau agencies) bear.

(three) the cancellation of the original SERC performance of electric power business licenses all review responsibilities, by the territorial agencies in accordance with the provisions of direct licensing.

Two, the electric power business qualification management center of bureau of national energy performance of national electric business licensing, guidance,supervision and management duties, be responsible for or involved incoordinating and solving the license dispute. The notice before, have center management qualification report of National Energy Bureau, the electric power business of electric power business license application, by the territorial agenciesin accordance with the provisions.

Three, in the National Energy Bureau issued a new license management documents (including licensing condition adjustment, permit exemption) beforethe original State Electricity Regulatory Commission to make, Hui Wen (letter),office paper (letter) and qualification management center issued the license filename of all kinds to continue as issuing permits and license after the regulationon the basis of.

Four, State Electricity Regulatory Commission and its electric power business license agencies issued and installation (repair, test) power facilities permit to continue in the license validity period effectively, the specific matters of licenserenewal notice. Have been awarded the electric and into the net operating licenseto continue in the registration validity period effectively, renewal of registrationrenewal printed National Energy Administration license. The administration of the issue of five, electric power business licenses to follow "who acceptance,certification who who management, who is responsible" principle. All dispatched agencies shall, in accordance with the convenience of the requirements,management and issuance of work strictly according to the law to carry outelectric power business licenses, accelerate the construction of sun licensinginformation platform, and according to the requirements in a timely manner to thecentral management of power business license submitted by National EnergyBureau license information, to achieve "good cards, tubal good card, usecertificate, good service wu".

The National Energy Bureau

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