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Construction steel structure two scientific and technological achievements through the identification of-金伯利起重設備
Construction steel structure two scientific and technological achievements through the identification of

In November 28th, China Steel Structure Association in Beijing hosted by theChina Construction Steel Structure Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the construction steel structure) to complete the "big span centre of gravity shiftcombination structure of low promotion and visualization of digital integralmonitoring technology, long-span spatial arch prestressed system of steelstructure engineering design and construction technology of scientific and technological achievements appraisal meeting". Identification Committee ofexperts agreed that the two key technique of a series of safety science and technology achievements and reliability, strong practicability, advanced technology, the overall reached the international advanced level, and some reached the international advanced level, agreed to identify.

Experts believe that, by the construction of steel structure in Shenyang and complete aircraft maintenance base for the new hangar Project No. 1 hangar project the successful application of the "big span centre of gravity shiftcombination structure of low integral lifting and visualization of digital monitoringtechnology" has 4 innovation points. One is the application of the "large flexibility,low center of gravity shift combined structure of lifting control new technology", to solve the whole lifting point layout, structure reinforcement and low improvementconstruction difficulties, the precision of the installation structure is improved effectively, reduces the construction cost. Two is to put forward the combination of steel structure step by step ascend, hanging installation and hanging pointdisplacement technology, solves the unequal height combined steel structure the ascension of the whole problem, effective control of the combined steel structuresuspended installation accuracy, reduced the investment promotion measures.The three is the development and application of large - span steel structure of three level control equipment to enhance the visualization of digital monitoringtechnology, solves the ascension of the whole difficulty big error and related data is not visible, effectively control the ascent of the whole precision. The four is the development and application of "sliding suspension type safety net" safetyprotection technology, ensure the main structure and lightweight roofingconstruction process safety, reduce security costs. By the construction of steel and Beijing Institute of architectural design limited company is completed andapplied successfully in the new steel structure engineering of Qingdao North Station Station "steel structure engineering of large span spatial arch prestressed system design construction technology" has made 4 major innovative achievements: one is structure design in close integration with the architectural style, innovative use of the prestressed spatial arch system, solve the designproblem of complex nodes and special-shaped cross section member. Using anew type refractory high vanadium cable, and for the first time the fire testverification; using TMD and anti buckling support vibration energy dissipationtechnology, improve the structure of the use of performance and shock resistance etc..

Identification of Tsinghua University professor Nie Jianguo, the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences foreign academician Xu Ronglie and other 6 experts participated in the construction steel structure two technologyachievements.

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